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The town of Winslow, Arizona became immortalized thanks to the Eagles' song "Take It Easy", and this has since become a sort of mantra for the town. In Winslow apartments you'll find people who like to take life slow and easy, free from the rush and hurry of life in some of the bigger cities. It may not by the biggest cultural center around, or have the liveliest nightlife, but it makes up for it with friendly people, small town charm, and plenty of Southern fun for Winslow apartment-ites to take in.

Many may not realize it, but Winslow is one of the most beautiful cities in all of the state, and is nearby many of the most beautiful attractions in all of Arizona. Just a few miles from town you'll find the Barringer Crater, also known as the Canyon Diablo Crater, a spot where a large meteor once hit, and a testament to the unflinching power of the cosmos. Also nearby is the painted desert and the petrified forest, both of which spots that any Winslow apartment-ite would be daft to pass up. Another spot in town that Winslow apartment-ites should check is the 9-11 Remembrance Gardens, a place for quiet reflection on the lives that were taken in the horrible attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001.

Of course, the town makes the most of its claim to fame, having a Standing On the Corner festival every year, and even a mural to commemorate the famous girl in her flat-bed Ford. Though Winslow apartment-ites may not enjoy all the nightlife and culture that they may find in other cities, the city more than makes up for it with the amazing beauty of the surrounding landscapes, and some of the most friendly people you'll find in all of the state.

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Winslow Apartments

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